Planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

Career Pathways

Air/Space Transportation:
Transportation Managers (Air)
Commercial Pilots
Flight Engineers
Flight Attendants
Traffic Managers
Air traffic Controllers
Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors
Airfield Operations Specialists
Rail Transportation:
Transportation Managers(Rail)
Traffic Managers
Locomotive Engineers
Locomotive Firers
Railyard Conductors and Yardmasters
Railroad Brake, Signal and Switch Operators
Railyard Engineers
Dinkey Operators and Hostlers
Water Transportation:
Transportation Managers (Water)
Traffic Managers
Pilots of Water Vessels
Sailors and Marine Oilers
Able Seamen
Ordinary Seamen
Ship and Boat Captains
Ship Engineers
Bridge and Lock Tenders
Road Transportation:
Transportation managers(Road)
Dispatchers (Truck/Bus/Taxi)
Traffic Managers
Truck Drivers (Tractor-Trailer)
Truck Drivers (Light or Delivery Services)
Bus Drivers (Transit and Intercity)
School Bus Drivers
Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs
Transit Systems:
Transportation Managers(Mass Transit)
Traffic Managers
Dispatchers (Rail)
Traffic Managers
Bus Drivers (Transit and Intercity)
Subway and Streetcar Operators

Urban and Regional Planners
Civil Engineers
Engineering Technicians
Surveying and Mapping Technicians
Government Service Executives
Environmental Compliance Inspectors
Air/Space—Air Traffic Controllers * Aviation
Inspectors Road—
Traffic Engineers
Traffic Technicians
Motor Vehicle Inspectors Freight
Inspectors Rail—
Railroad Inspectors
Water—Marine Cargo Inspectors
Vessel Traffic Control
Specialists Transit—
Public Transportation
Inspectors and other federal/state/local
transportation agency

Logistics Managers
Logistics Engineers
Logistics Analysts
Logistics Consultants
Logistics Specialists

Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Sales Representatives of Transportation/Logistics Services
Reservation,Travel and Transportation Agents
Cargo and Freight Agents
Customer Service Managers

Health and Safety Managers
Industrial Health and Safety Engineers
Environmental Scientists and Specialists
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians
Environmental Managers and Engineers
Environmental Compliance Inspectors
Safety Analysts

Warehouse Managers
Storage and Distribution
Industrial and Packaging Engineers
Traffic, Shipping and Receiving Clerks
Production, Planning, Expediting Clerks
First-line Supervisors/ Managers of Helpers
Laborers, and Material Movers (Hand)
Firstline Supervisors/Managers ofTransportation and Material (Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators)
Laborers and Freight, Stock and Material Movers (Hand)
Car, Truck and Ship Loaders
Packers and Packagers-hand

Facility Maintenance Managers and Engineers
Industrial Equipment Mechanics
Industrial Electricians
Electrical/Electronic Technicians
Mobile Equipment:
General–Mobile Equipment
Maintenance Managers
Electrical and Electronic Installers and Repairers
(Transportation Equipment)
Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Air/Space—Aerospace Engineering
and Operations Technicians
Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
Airframe Mechanics
Power plant Mechanics
Aircraft Engine Specialists
Avionics Technicians Water—Ship Mechanics and Repairers
Motorboat Mechanics
Automotive/Truck Mechanics and Body Repairers
Rail—Rail Car Repairers
Signal and Track Switch Repairers
Rail Locomotive Mechanics and Repairers Road—
Electronic Equipment Installers and Repairers (Motor Vehicle)
Automotive Body and Related Repairers
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
Automotive Master Mechanics
Automotive Specialty Technicians
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel
Engine Specialists
Motorcycle Mechanics
Bicycle Repairers

District Specific Pathways

Pathway Courses:

Year 1 – Introduction to Business

Year 2 – Accounting

Year 3 – Advanced Accounting

Year 4 – Personal Investment & Finance/Business Law

*Related Electives: Computer Application I & II, Business Management, Economics, AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, Entrepreneurship/Internship, Agribusiness Management

School Related Activities: Athletics, Math Team, Math League, Future Business Leaders of America, Speech Team

College Majors (examples): Actuarial Science, Banking and Financial Support Services, Business and Personal/Financial Services, Marketing Operations, Credit Management, Financial Planning Services, Insurance, International Finance, Investments and Securities

Certifications Heartland: Accounting Foundations

Course Offerings: Core Curriculum, Career Seminar, Senior Internship

Other Opportunities:

BACC Automotive Technology I and II

Accordion Content

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