Teacher Spotlight: Kaite Carstens

July 2, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ STEM in Education,Teacher Spotlight Series

Katie Carstens

5th grade teacher, LeRoy Elementary School

What does STEM look like in your classroom?

+ Self-guided activities

+ Breakouts

+ Online coding

What is your favorite STEM activity to do with students?

I enjoy the breakout sessions. Watching the students work together to figure out answers and explaining why something is correct, how it works, or should be completed is so interesting.

What motivates you to provide STEM-based opportunities for students? 
STEM provides students with the opportunity to problem solve. Students need time in school to work on problem solving. Posing a question without limitations to the answer, providing puzzles, and/or having students work by themselves or in teams to figure things out are skills that are critical for student success beyond the classroom.
What advice do you have for teachers who are unsure of how to integrate STEM into their curriculum? 
Read about it online or ask a friend to learn more, but mostly jump right in. There isn’t really a wrong way. Provide students with materials and ask them an open ended question to get them going. They will do the rest. Their young minds are AMAZING!