Industry Partner Snapshot: Shive-Hattery

June 1, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Today, we have the pleasure of highlighting Shive-Hattery and their work to promote STEM education in McLean County! Shive-Hattery architect Shanna Fish has been involved with the BNSTEM Initiative from the start and has consistently gone above and beyond to partner with local classrooms. Most recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Shanna for LeRoy High School’s end-of-the-year STEM event. Shanna not only facilitated the “Architecture” station during the event but also played a key role in planning and preparations. Thank you for your on-going investment in our students, Shive-Hattery and Shanna! 

About the Company:

Shive-Hattery is an employee owned architecture and engineering firm.  As a Client-intimate consulting firm, we   go beyond traditional design. With deep knowledge of our Client’s business, we offer customized solutions and provide support as an extension of your staff. We do not pursue one-time transactions; we cultivate relationships. To be your trusted advisor is the highest honor and our ultimate goal.  We were founded in 1895 and now have 7 locations throughout Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.  Though our services are vast, the key areas we offer services in are architecture, engineering, interior design, surveying, construction and landscape architecture.  The various markets we serve span education, government, commercial, healthcare and industry. 

Why are you passionate about STEM education?

We are passionate about STEM education because these students could be our future architects and engineers.  We love our jobs and enjoy showing students various career options!  Even if a student isn’t interested in becoming an architect/engineer, just being knowledgeable about the career and what we do can give them a more well-rounded education and will help us in the future as well.

What advice would you give students aspiring to join your industry?

Take a drafting class if your school offers one, either hand drafting or 3d computer modeling.  If they don’t offer a formal class get online, download a free (student version) of a computer drafting software and teach yourself using video tutorials.  Take an art class if you’re interested in architecture or interior design to help stimulate your creativity.  There are a variety of different types of Architects and Engineers.  Call up a local firm and see if someone would be willing to talk to you about the differences and/or let you job shadow them for a couple hours.

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