Industry Partner Snapshot: G3 Machining

May 2, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Industry Partner Snapshot,STEM in Education

Today, we have the pleasure of highlighting G3 Machining and their work to promote STEM education in McLean County! We were recently able to observe G3 in action at Kingsley Junior High. After researching 3D printing for most of the school year, Brandt Henderson, a seventh grade student at KJHS, reached out to G3 Machining to help with his “Genius Hour” presentation for Mrs. Starkey’s class. G3 was happy to oblige and sent Geof Weed, head of 3D printing. During his presentation, Mr. Weed shared about the company, answered students’ questions, and even printed a character on-site. Awesome work, Brandt and Mr. Weed!

About the Company:

G3 Machining, LLC was founded in 2013.  It carries on the legacy of its predecessor K&K Tool and Die, Inc. which began in 1945.  The tradition of quality and craftsmanship mixed with the latest technology makes G3 a standout in the industry.

Why are you passionate about STEM education?

As a result of the decrease in qualified machinists, G3 has embarked upon a mission outreaching to educational groups to highlight an understanding of what opportunities exist for students as they enter the workforce or plan their path through higher education.  Working closely with the Illinois Manufacturing Association, IMEC, Local EDC, Universities, high schools, and even primary schools, G3 has informed many members of the public, educators, and government officials on the importance of the machining trades, and how it makes our community more attractive to have these skills available to possible incoming businesses.  G3 Machining is proud to support STEM initiatives in our area.

What advice would you give students aspiring to join your industry?

Start with a kit. If you can build with K’NEX, you can assemble a 3D printer kit. By assembling your own printer, you will gain a greater understanding of the machine and how it works. Also, remember that you are the only person who stands between you and 3D printing. You are going to get frustrated. Something is always going to go wrong. If you want to make something, you can do it. Just keep trying!

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