BACC Uses Technology to Work With Student

May 16, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Alexis (Lexi) Peterson, Senior at Blue Ridge High School, was recently diagnosed with cancer, for the second time.  She immediately was sent to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, for treatment.  Part of Lexi’s goal has been to be a nurse.  She took her first steps towards this goal this fall when enrolling and attending the Bloomington Area Career Center Nurse Assisting program.  Before leaving for Memphis, she was able to complete all clinical and theory requirements of the program.

Since that time, she has also been able to review and communicate with her classmates and instructor, Mrs. Christi Wingate.  They have been using a Cisco Spark Board donated by Cisco, RoomReady, and State Farm to BACC earlier this year.  This technology is assisting Lexi in continuing her goals and dreams of becoming a nurse.  She plans to take the CNA exam within the next couple of months.  Plans are to continue to use the Spark Board with Lexi, as needed, and when she is available throughout her treatment.

In addition, students from both Nurse Assisting classes donated items for a care package.  Since Lexi loves elephants, she received a large stuffed elephant and elephant necklace.  Some of her other favorites included in the care package were sour candies and spicy chips; purple nail polishes, water bottles, and bath soaps.  We were able to collect approximately $120 in gift cards, too.  But, one of her favorite gifts was the “Tree of Hope”.  Students hung encouraging handwritten notes  that  were then hung on a small decorative tree.  She said that this made her cry happy tears.  The BACC is thankful to have this technology and caring students to support Lexi through her journey.