STREAM- Bloomington Central Catholic High School

April 27, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ STEM in Education

STREAM has been the focal point of the professional development at Central Catholic High School for the past two years. We have partnered with Defined Stem and the OSF JUMP Center in order to create opportunities for our teachers to develop curriculum that prepares our students for twenty-first-century careers.  

Our teachers were trained on how to integrate the Defined Stem resources into their classrooms and were challenged to implement at least one STREAM related activity or unit this year. This initiative has been a real success. Students have had the opportunity to participate in many real world experiences across all curriculums.

We created a STREAM team that visited the OSF JUMP Center in Peoria.  During their visits, teachers were able to brainstorm with doctors, engineers, and technicians.  Teachers used the information gathered from those meetings to enhance their own curriculums by adding hands-on activities.  We are exploring the use of Virtual Reality equipment and hope to build it into our curriculums in the future.

With the help of the Taber Science Endowment, the school purchased a class set of Arduino starter kits, and our Physics teacher wrote an introductory curriculum for computer programming. This unit will be a hands-on opportunity for students to write code for a microcontroller, and students will learn the basics of reading and analyzing some basic computer coding.

Another science teacher has formed a Girls Who Code club that meets twice a month. They have started learning to code animations through Codesters. Currently the students are designing a group project, which will help educate others about criminal forensics. They have the user click through a simulated crime to gather evidence, interview people, then use deductive reasoning to solve the crime.

The teachers at Central Catholic have really embraced our STREAM initiative and continue to add new and creative projects, tasks, and activities to their curriculums.