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March 23, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ STEM in Education

Heyworth faculty at all grade levels are working to incorporate STEM activities into the curriculum, either as part of existing units or as new activities.  In order to become creative, innovative, critical thinkers, students are encouraged to generate multiple ideas, think of failures as important steps towards success, and to work collaboratively to brainstorm and communicate ideas and solutions.

Heyworth Elementary School

  • 3rd grade students use a STEM kit that includes a tablet, programmable robots called Cubelets, and a variety of building/engineering supplies all accompanied by task cards.
  • 6th grade students work together to build and code a robot and a car as well as building other three-dimensional objects such as a musical instrument to study & control volume & pitch.
  • 4th-6th graders had the opportunity to participate in an after-school Google CS First Computer Club during the fall semester.
  • All students K-6 experience a STEM unit during library classes where they have the opportunity to explore coding using Hour of Code and Lightbot and experiment with a variety of tech tools such as Ozobot robots, Sphero balls, Little Bits electronic kits, Stickbots for green screen filming, Makey-makey invention kit, and more.  

Heyworth Junior High School

  • All 7th & 8th grader students take a Technology Course which gives them the opportunity to explore STEM careers and get hands-on experience with tech tools including 3-D printing, robotics, Scratch programming, and more.
  • English classes researched 21st century learning environments, used architectural software to redesign a model classroom, featured various presentation tools to speak to stakeholders, and ultimately won grants to bring their vision to life.
  • Math classes were challenged to design catapults that would be successful in force, height, and distance.  Students designed a catapult and put it through various tests in order to achieve success in each category before testing and graphing their results.

Heyworth High School

  • The HHS Technology Department courses are specifically designed to give students hands-on, practical experience in a variety of tech-based situations. Courses incorporate industry standards and emerging technologies. Courses in App Development, Digital Media, and Communications Technology allow students to explore tech skills such as app writing, game design, Scratch & JAVA programming, and to solve real world issues in our community.  Students work in teams to collaboratively to research, plan, and complete service based projects with access to a wide variety of tech tools such as: CAD, 3-D modeling, GPS, graphic & web page design, video & music editing, podcasting, live streaming, and TV production.
  • Science & Chemistry classes attend the University of Illinois Engineering Open House to view exhibits and competitions. These innovative ideas spark project proposals for our own Science Fair.

Check out the awesome student created video below!